About Bloop


Some people call it Bubble Bump, others call it Bubble Ball or Bubble Soccer, we call ourselves BLOOP Soccer! Introducing our latest activity from The WOW Experience Pte Ltd, Bloop Soccer! We are first guys to bring this awesome game into Singapore and it had been a big craze about it ever since. BLOOP Soccer brings a whole new meaning of fun & laughter to your soccer game! You can have all the fun you need under a sheltered area.

Playing soccer is with funny looking bloop ball is just simply hilarious. Bloop games is not only restricted to just soccer, it can be modified to tons of fun wacky games you can never think of.

This is definitely a suitable activity for all occasions – be it a birthday party or just a casual gathering. Our BLOOP staff is definitely capable to ensure that you have a blast!

BLOOP Game Packages can be a mix and match. They include:

– Dog & Bone

– Royal Rumble

– Soccer Game

– Capture the Cone

and many others…