Bloop Games

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Mega Soccer

If you think you can manage a normal soccer session, challenge yourself by playing it while being blooped! See if you are as good as you think you are!



Bowling Mania

A big fan of Bowling? Gather your friends and family to try the Bowling Mania!


SumoDodge É Sumo

You have seen it but really curious about how it feels like? This is your chance to be a Sumo wrestler for a day!



Captain’s Ball

Remember the popular Captain’s Ball in Secondary School? How about playing the bloop version of it?



Bloop Mini Games


Royal :: Set 1 ::Earth_Ball
Royal Rumble,
Clash of the Planets (Earth Ball)


SumoSushi:: Set 2 ::BombsAway
Sumo and Sushi (Dog and Bone),
Bombs Away! (Touch Base)


PoisonBall:: Set 3 ::Flag
Poison Ball,
Capture the Flag

If you have any other game ideas, tell us. We are really open to suggestions.
Drop us an email and let us know what you have!