Here’s what some of our clients have to say:


“Hi Grace,

Thank you so much for last Saturday’s Bloop session!

We got very positive feedback and also people mentioned that Joyce, your instructor, did a very good job! She was very straight forward and clear in explaining the rules.

Many thanks for this.

The weather was also stable after we arrived at East Coast Park although it was raining in other parts of Singapore! We are blessed people! 🙂

Hope we can bring you soon again another group of Zorbing fans! 🙂

Have a good day!”

Ellen Goel, 22 Experience



“Dear Grace,

Hope you are having a good start to the week.

Please also find the feedback below:

Location: Accessible, convenient enough. The indoor concept also made sure that the event can go on even during wet weather.

Game: The game was fun, exciting and interesting enough for a positive and meaningful engagement for my youths.

Staff: I would like to commend and praise your staff, led by Joyce, for organizing the event well. They were able to manage the group excellently and were very patient even though my youth group were not exactly the easiest to manage. Kudos to them!

All in all, I was extremely satisfied and happy with the event and would look forward to engaging you guys in more activities when the opportunity arises.”

Muhammad Arief Aditya, YouthReach | Youth Worker



“Hi Grace,

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you very much for yesterday.

Once your staff arrived, I found them to be extremely efficient & pleasant. The kids had a great time.

I will definitely recommend you to my friends and neighbours, do send my regards to your staffs that were at Finn’s party on Saturday 🙂

Thank you very much again.”

Shruti, Private Birthday Session



“Hi Grace,

Thank you for the invoice and such a wonderful session from you guys.

They are a very fun bunch to be with and was very attentive and helpful in picking us up when we fell! Haha.

Our participants enjoyed the session a lot with so much laughter, please do assist in passing down the message to Melvyn and his team 🙂

Have a great upcoming week you all!”

Cai Liyang Aurelius, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore